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Working on a Debian repo

Update: It looks like M.A.R.S. is now on the official repo ^_^ , so it's useless to maintain this one.

After spending the last hours spewing commands without direction I was able to setup a Debian repo, packaging M.A.R.S. and uploading it, the idea is to make a compilation of libre games which aren't on the official repo (I'd try to send it there but I lack the constancy to mantain it).

The repo is set up on and the public key used to sign is the same as always, 0x453125AC

And seems a good time to stop for today...

ps: At this time it only supports amd64 and doesn't list directory entries, I'll polish it later. The configuration would be this:

deb unstable/$(ARCH)/
deb-src unstable/source/