Kubernetes is a tool which is now apparently everywhere. It addresses a lot of the problems related with running microservice, container-based infrastructures and does so in a very flexible way.

But a downside of this technology is that it requires getting used to so many concepts before anything makes sense, that the initial learning curve might be a bit too steep.

As my 2 cents to help with this (and as a sort of follow-up for the last post), here is a rough map, showing most of the resources available to a Kubernetes user and how everything relates.

It's certainly not complete, and there's probably bugs (pull requests appreciated). There's not much to explain about it... most importantly, links are clickable, arrows goint into the Pod resource are purple and those going out of it are brown-red so it isn't too messy, but it doesn't have a special meaning.

Kubernetes concept map Click the image to see it properly