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Hi there! These are my personal notes, here I collect snippets of information that I feel might come in handy later.

Don't expect polished prose here (you may look for that on my blog). Instead you will find random findings on elements I'm exploring, bookmarks and collections of information.

At some point my goal was to collect all of this as a wiki, but with the time I found out that fast information collection was less distracting (at write-time) when I just throw the data into some kind of graph-structure. For this reason you will likely find lots of "nodes" (or notes) with abundant metadata but scarce prose, so don't be surprised 😉.

PD: All of this is just a work in progress… so keep that in mind 🤷.

You might do a search on the textbox beside the titlebar or take a look at some categories that I seem to take a lot of notes about:

At some point I'd like to finish the node graph you can see here. I hope it would simplify exploration, but having something useful might take a while 😅.