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Cool software tools

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Diagramming tools

Interesting tools for building diagrams:

DSL based

These tools take as input a text file with a description of the diagram to produce and generate an image as output.

  • Graphviz [official web]

    Simple but powerfull tool for graph visualization

  • PlantUML [official web]

    Tool to build UML diagrams, wireframes, Gantt diagrams, mind maps, ...

  • Ditaa [official web]

    Build general diagrams from ascii-art.

  • Mermaid [official web]

    Visualize graphs, sequence, Gantt, class and git diagrams.

GUI based

Tools to build diagrams through drag & drop.


    Generalistic web tool, has an electron-based desktop version.

Presentation software

Interesting software to build presentations:

Text-based tools

  • mdp [on GitHub]

    A command-line based markdown presentation tool.

  • emacs + org-mode + reveal mode [on GitHub] :: A tool to convert org-mode files into reveal.js HTML presentations.

Text manipulation tools

Text analysis

Interesting tools for text analysis:

Text cleaning

  • ftfy [GitHub]

    Just fixes broken UTF-8