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Les Pas


%3 cluster_114c383e_c94f_440c_9eaa_81fdb9498566 Les Pas cluster_c69cd9e2_9805_45b4_8e4b_3a6723917554 Les Pas stuck syncing _af9c3e02_2de3_46da_a244_437e2607b390 MKCOL <filename> returns 405 (method not allowed) _eda6ed2f_eeb5_4361_b881_20c6b1188215 Error 500 on PUT _ea48ec1d_f9d4_4fb7_b39a_faa7b6e2ba95 Notes index _ea48ec1d_f9d4_4fb7_b39a_faa7b6e2ba95->__0:cluster_c69cd9e2_9805_45b4_8e4b_3a6723917554

Is an Android Photo Album app using a [ Nextcloud ] backend.

Les Pas stuck syncing


  • Problem

    Sync status is stuck on the same Adding <file> to <album>.


MKCOL <filename> returns 405 (method not allowed)

  • Fix

    • On [ Nextcloud ] check that there's no file with the same name.

    • Run background jobs


Error 500 on PUT

  • Inspect error

grep -a 'FILENAME'  nextcloud.log |tail -n1|jq